Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Color and texture

I bought these delicious looking velvet ribbon rounds for a special project. I'm posting them in hopes that you'll share in my adoration for such color and texture. The colors (especially the top set) are ones that I want to see and wear allll the time.

I'll post when the project is all finished!

exes and ohs,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tin creations!

Greetings my friends,

I played with the foil sheets I picked up a while ago and decided to use them for the ceremony. I used a little pin and poked holes in the pattern of our monogram. I'm thinking we can either use them for the aisle markers or perhaps on the wall of the terrace. Either way, I love them! Some of the sheets have gold backs and some have colored backs. I'm loving the colored ones. However, I'm worried about having so many different colors together. So far, the ceremony will have a lot of candlelight, the bridesmaids dresses (pink, cream and teal) and the tent facade arbor of which the colors are TBD but I'm thinking it will probably be a red/cream or red/silver stripe in either a sheer fabric or perhaps a taffeta.

So, what do you think colors + gold or just gold?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally...some arts and crafts!

I do believe we've already discussed the giant paper fans I picked up at a store closing.

Well, I finally painted them! Some of them anyway. I'm still on the hunt for a nice soft peacock blue to finish the rest off. These will be hanging over the dance patio!! There have been so many new developments lately. I can't wait for everything to come together. I decided not to share too many here only because I want it to be a surprise! Kinda defeats the purpose of a blog, huh? I still want to share some details...just not everything. I'm really proud of what we've done on our slender budget. By we I mean myself and Kat, Pam and Jon. They have been generous with their time and energy and I can't thank them enough. 

Love to everyone!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet sweet stuff

Hello friends,

We're at just under 4 months until the wedding and I'm getting really pumped. I haven't had much to share visually which has kept me off this blog. Plus, I don't want to share it all because I want some of it to be a surprise. Right now I'm working on invitations and programs. I'm planning a trip to the Alameda Flea Market next month to see if I can score some old fabric to use for the photo area and any other addition to this weddin'.

I've been trying to find the a wedding cake topper of 20s/30s vibe on ebay and have passed up several auctions because I knew I'd find the right one. See? I'm learning to be patient and get what I want. I talked to my Grandma Mary yesterday on the phone and she said she wanted to buy our cake topper. So, here is the one that I love and won. Thank you Grandma!

I love them! We also decided on a big beautiful, fluffy coconut cake (from www.marthastewartweddings.com) I really like cakes that look: a) like a cake and not a suitcase b) like it was made from real ingredients c) appetizing. I think that the topper will be really sweet on that cake and the cake looks irresistable.

Pam and I have been working on the table tops and they are going to be so fantastic that I don't want to show you and ruin it! Our dear friend Peggy has agreed to help out with the flowers. I'm so excited about that.

I think that's all I have for now.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello Panda

It's been quite a while and I have something to say now. I found a wedding band!! Here's the story. A little while ago I started hunting around the city to see if I could find a little jewelry shop with some antique bands within our budget. I went to three different shops. Two of them pretty- womaned me. One had the nerve to say, "Well when you're ready to replace that ring with a diamond (speaking of my engagement ring)...you can go for something like this" Whatever. As Kate pointed out: If I wanted a diamond in the first place I would have a charming little diamond on my finger. People don't get it (especially jewelers).

I was pretty bummed because I thought there had to be someone out there who understood the character and the preciousness in an old, sweet, dainty ring that isn't all gobbed up with diamonds. I think there are so many wonderfully different kinds of rings with and without diamonds, but the wedding and diamond industries don't encourage that kind of creative thought. It's all about the 4 C's and the size. I can't believe how many people get hung up on the size. It grosses me out. What other naturally produced material creates such status? I can't imagine how guys feel. Commercials suggest how easy it is to acquire the ring of her dreams...only 2 months salary. TWO MONTH'S SALARY? Seriously, when is the last time you had 2 months salary rolling around. I can't imagine worrying if the ring is big enough...if it is expensive enough...it's insane. Furthermore, what kind of set-up is that for the gals? Is this now a competition? Who has the biggest ring? Mine was only $1200 while hers was $3200. What am I worth in jewelry? Are we supposed to feel better about ourselves if we have a giant piece of crystallized carbon on our finger? It makes me sick. When you meet someone and get the feeling you could spend a whole happy life with that person do you think, hmmm I wonder what kind of ring he would cough up? No, hopefully not.

I've felt passionate about this for a long time, so I apologize for the out-of-nowhere wedding jewelry talk. I think it's fair to say that most of the wedding industry supports this way of thinking as well. We all know that the pricier weddings in the U.S. costs as much as an entire college education. An education's worth of money gone within 4 hours.

Anyyywaaay I really do like diamonds. I think they are very pretty and sparkle wildly. I also think many other stones are pretty and there is something to be said for the purity of precious metals all on their lonesome.

Back to the hunt. Whew. I went home and went to yelp.com for some help and direction. I found the San Francisco Provident Loan Co and read many good reviews about a person there that took the time to find a unique ring. Long story short, this place was exactly what I needed to find. A nice gentleman by the name of Ben helped me and asked if I really wanted an antique ring or just one that looked antique because he had a stash of old rings that were truly very old and weren't exactly what you would find today. Yes, exactly. He brought out a case of old rings and said that they would normally melt these down, but he loved them too much to melt them. He asked me my price range, and though I winced when I said it (see previous experiences above) he had no problem with it. He said we could definitely find a ring in our price range. I looked at the rings and loved them (one ring was engraved with a 1907 wedding date), but didn't see the one. He told me to keep checking back because he gets them in all the time. I went down there yesterday and I saw the sweetest, most perfect ring. I felt like that was it, but I didn't want to jump the gun. I'm trying to be more patient and get what I really want. I selected four rings to try on. Each of them had little diamonds on the top that were just fine with me. They sparkled and were still pretty easy to wear, in our price range, etc. This one though...I couldn't believe how much it felt like me. First it's yellow gold, which I have a secret crush on. Secondly it's the most dainty ring I've ever seen. Thirdly, it's from the 30's and has already been attached to a lifetime. Fourthly, it has 5 tiny mine-cut diamonds on the top. Lastly, it is engraved with, "Ring of Romance"! Beyond all of that and the beautifully sweet detail, it fit me perfectly.

I asked him to hold the ring with the others overnight so I could make a decision. We went in today and I still felt very strongly about the ring. Morgan also thought it was me. So we went for it! There was a really pretty sparkly one that was a bit flashier, but it felt like it'd be nice on someone else. This one felt like it was mine. (By the way, this one was half of our budget)

Here she is: (click for larger versions and detail)

A few showing the detail

You can see the Ring of Romance stamp

Here I am wearing it all over the place:

I can't wait to wear it for realz.

Love to everyone,

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The dresses arrived today and I gotta say they are crazy, wacky and totally beautiful. Yes, together they definitely look like a kid threw up after eating a bunch of dinner mints. Isn't that what I was going for though? Just kidding. These are perfect! I think my Maids of Honor will love them!

In other news...Sarah has been working on my dress and the next step is getting the fabric! I can't waiiiit.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello hello,

I've been experimenting more with the jars I showed in the previous previous post. I made a lot more and I tried a little something with the sheets of thin tin I found.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So we meet again

Hellowww friends,

I took the dress I got off of ebay and cut along the dotted (trimmed) lines and shortened the underlying layers and it became:

which is just the cutest dress I've seen in a while. It's really itchy and I can't stand to be in it for more than 5 minutes, but I'm working on that. The sides come up on both sides to reveal the under layers. I think the under layers can be shortened just a tad still. I think this will work for my #2 dress. That sounds ridiculous, but when you see the beautiful dress Sarah is making me, you'll see why I want an option to get crazy in later (to avoid ruining the beauty that is my #1). Think of it as my white wedding suit!

That's all for now. I still want to show you the special items we found while enjoying our trip through oldsville weekend before last. Please excuse the cheeky smile...I'm trying to smile more!

You know it,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some things I wanted to show you

Hey hey hey hey ehey ehey hey ehey! I had a pretty productive day in the ol' weddin' department. I found some super cute old carnival/circus inspired flower girl dresses (click to see glittery detail):

Next, I went to the fabric store and got some lace and spray paint for my jam jars I've been saving up to put candles in and hang from the trees outside:

More to come! Pam and Jon visited us this last weekend for the Vintage Paper Fair and the Alameda Flea Market. We all found some pretty amazing stuff and I can't wait to show it to you. It sure was a nice time.

One parting gift for you:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Decorations pt2

In my previous post, I mentioned the metal paper pieces I picked up. I was thinking it might be fun to do something like this by mixing those pieces in with some pretty paper (non-metallic). I found this once again at Martha Stewart Weddings. Those people know what to do and they're not messing around.

Monday, January 26, 2009


These are the decorations I found at Polka Dot Variety's going out of business sale :(. I think I could go over these with a light spray of color and then an even lighter spray of gold radiating out from the center. Then, we can hang them from the ceiling and watch them sway. They were only 50 cents a piece!!!! They're huge and I think will make a nice bold presence.

I also found this beauty there. Perhaps we can use this on the favor/candy buffet table (the candy buffet kind of got cut out of the budget, but if there is extra money...)

Off topic...
I got this radical typewriter! It needs to be oiled, but it works!

These don't look like much, but I got a bunch of metal-like sheets of paper to use for decorating and what have you. I also picked up about 200 envelopes for $5!!!

I think this hodge-podge wedding will be really fun once it's all put togevah.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For fun OKAY?!?

I've been scouring ebay and and vintageous.com for dresses for my lady maids and happened upon a little, rough-looking, yet totally sweet white dress for me :) :) I bid on and won this little get-up. I paid $24 bucks.

I'm thinking, wherever the after party takes us…I might need something a little more festive to change into. Something more light-hearted in case we end up dancing it up at the Madonna Inn. Who knows, but I want to be prepared! I need a little costume change for the later night. I'm going to see if I can repare the bedazzles and chop the bottom so I look over 4 feet tall. Maybe Grandma Phyll will help me!

I can't wait to show you the decorations I found...more on that tonight.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Kate found this amazing idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. Cotton Candy is wound around a stick of rock candy. So pretty. Apparently the color of cotton candy can be customized. I love this. Even if we need to maximize the candy, we could use the rock candy separately.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

One more thing…

I just bid on and won these badical admit one tickets. They were pretty cheap and I was thinking we could stamp a monogram on the back and use them in the invite envelopes or at the reception somehow. The colors are perfect!

Some cool ideas from Martha

I can't find the photo of the candy buffet that Kate and I found in Martha Stewart Weddings, but while searching the site, I found these interesting ideas for the same theme. I like the circus awning over the buffet. Interesting…

A purchase for the candy buffet table + decoration ribbon

I found this beautiful glass vessel for the candy buffet! Target is having a 75% off Christmas sale. Morgan and I are going on a quick road trip tomorrow to some ghost towns and on the way I plan to stop at a target or two to see if they have any others I can snag. This one has a beautiful iridescent finish that isn't easy to see in this photo. Final price: $6.24

They also had some really pretty deep red velvet ribbon. I'm not sure what it can be used for yet, but it was super cheap and it is the accent color so it will be nice in small doses.

My shoes arrived!!

After many days of incorrect routing and giving an alternate address, my wedding shoes arrived two days ago. They are even better than I imagined! Even in the dark, they catch the light. They feel really special when I put them on. I'm totally happy with them and can't wait to wear them for realz.

Hey 3 people that would be interested!

I decided instead of sending out endless email chains, if you're interested, I can post pics of things I find for the big day here for you to see!

Thanks for being interested in the fun of putting this together.

Insane love to you,