Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet sweet stuff

Hello friends,

We're at just under 4 months until the wedding and I'm getting really pumped. I haven't had much to share visually which has kept me off this blog. Plus, I don't want to share it all because I want some of it to be a surprise. Right now I'm working on invitations and programs. I'm planning a trip to the Alameda Flea Market next month to see if I can score some old fabric to use for the photo area and any other addition to this weddin'.

I've been trying to find the a wedding cake topper of 20s/30s vibe on ebay and have passed up several auctions because I knew I'd find the right one. See? I'm learning to be patient and get what I want. I talked to my Grandma Mary yesterday on the phone and she said she wanted to buy our cake topper. So, here is the one that I love and won. Thank you Grandma!

I love them! We also decided on a big beautiful, fluffy coconut cake (from www.marthastewartweddings.com) I really like cakes that look: a) like a cake and not a suitcase b) like it was made from real ingredients c) appetizing. I think that the topper will be really sweet on that cake and the cake looks irresistable.

Pam and I have been working on the table tops and they are going to be so fantastic that I don't want to show you and ruin it! Our dear friend Peggy has agreed to help out with the flowers. I'm so excited about that.

I think that's all I have for now.